What skills and experiences do I have?

As your business associate, I am committed to providing unlimited support towards the achievement of your goals. The success of our alliance relies on my ability to develop an in-depth understanding of your business, and your willingness to truly include me as your business partner. This will enable me to provide effective and efficient support to you as we cultivate a long-term successful relationship! I am Your Virtual Business Manager!

My strengths are business and team management, which includes, social media, event, workshop and project planning. I have listed below an outline of some of my knowledge and skills, but this list is in no way exhaustive and in reality, only touches on some of the roles I have held for my client. The range of support I provide hinges purely on the actual support that my clients require.  With a limit on the number of clients I work with in long-term collaborative relationships, my dedication and ability to understand you and your business reflects a true partnership focused solely on your success.


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Certified Professional Virtual Assistant

With great pride, I hold the title of Certified Professional Virtual Assistant with AssistU.  In an eight-week project assisting in the transition of the AssistU internal community tool from one application to another, I was evaluated for mastery in 50 different soft skills, demonstrating my ability to thrive when working with clients, regardless of the actual tasks required. Every two years, I must be re-certified, proving my commitment to my ongoing growth and development through education, technology and resources for my business.

executive assistance

As your executive assistant, I help you manage your calendar, schedule your appointments, handle your emails, deal with inquiries, develop and build collaborations, create documents using a variety of software, and assist in the writing, proofreading and editing of your physical and online content.  I can develop and manage survey forms and databases to name just a few.

social media support

As you build your business, your social media presence is key to getting you known.  I can help you plan your social media with an editorial calendar, track your publishing schedule, and schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media tools that work well for business, using a variety of schedulers.

workshop and event management

Managing your workshops, online or live events, and e-courses or masterclasses is incredibly time-consuming and quite often complex. I can support your project to ensure it thrives and simultaneously create a process so that future events can be run more efficiently and effectively to increase event income.

systems and procedures creation & development

I will build a Standard Operating Procedure document for your entire business, with high-quality, legible, and simple instructions.  Working with you to ensure that it covers all your current systems, as well as help you to develop new processes and procedures.

business management

Together. we develop all the aspects of your business.  You are the architect, the visionary, the content creator, but you are looking for that co-creator and strategic mind to help you explore and grow all the areas of your business and work diligently towards business growth. We will create and maintain a cohesive business plan, providing a blueprint for successful growth. I will manage each step with you as the company expands.  


operations management

Do you spend a lot of time tracking your team members and their tasks? It is quite normal for business owners to get overwhelmed or simply exhausted with the amount of time it takes to keep all the balls spinning.  As your right-hand wo-man, I can help be the bridge between your team, their tasks and you, so that your time can be freed up to breathe, create, and simply be.  

A Small Smattering of My Educational Growth /
Business Development Over the Years

AssistU Ultimate VA Member

Petra is very diplomatic and professional. I trust her to represent me and my
company well. She definitely is a relationship builder. I can also trust that she will push diplomatically when the moment
calls for it and accomplish tasks in a timely manner with an effective resolution.

Karilee Wirthlin, President & CEO, KL Consulting

Petra has assisted in helping me to add new team members to my team, and has been able to develop good relationships
with them and assists in helping the team to work together. Her technical skills are strong as we have moved through
using a few different tools over time, and she has adapted very well to grow with my business as it has grown.

Brian DeChesare, Breaking Into Wall Street

Petra worked with me through a project. There was a steep learning curve, and a pretty short deadline to meet. I could not have done it without Petra's smarts, her savvy, and her calm. Nothing I asked was too much. She was exactly where I needed her to be in the project at every turn.

Anastacia Brice, Integrity and Foundations Coach | Founder of AssistU.com

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