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You are the King or Queen, the CEO, the Owner, the Goddess, Visionary or Chief… however you term your role in your business, you are one of – and based on my experience – typically, THE, key person in charge of your business. It can be a lonely, always challenging and extremely busy role to hold. Unfortunately, it does not matter how great you are, you just can’t do it all. Be gentle on yourself, and also be honest that when you try to do it all, you cannot do it well.  But with a professional Virtual Assistant,  you can do it amazingly well.

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Expert Virtual Support

It is essential that you have an amazing support person on your team. Someone whose only goal is to help you succeed. Someone who helps you keep everything going and takes a lot of the work off your shoulders.  

Go and Grow

Together, or with me as part of your team, we focus on getting you out there to, shine for the world to see, whilst the growth of your business is handled and nurtured with care and precision so that you are not distracted.

No Man Is An Island

That title is a famous Caribbean song that I grew up listening to as a child. Don’t try and do it all alone. It does not serve you or your customers. Let me be your great supporter.  I’ve got your back.  Non-disclaimer: “I do apologise for the sexist nature of that song title. It shows how old it is”. LOL

Do you think we can rock the world together?  Yay, yay, yay, let’s do it!

5 questions and 3 minutes.
Click on the link below to complete my assessment form to help me start to learn about you.

Or simply go to my contact page to get in touch.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Petra and I have worked together successfully since 2010. I always find that I can rely on her
to be responsive, and committed to working with me to achieve my goals. Perhaps most importantly, she is great at giving honest assessments of what is effective vs. not effective in my business
and how to improve things all the time

Brian DeChesare, Breaking Into Wall Street

Petra is pro who manages with precision and grace. Her temperament calms while instilling a solid sense of being taken care of as she oversees all that needs to be attended to. Her expertise, smarts, humor and heart will be a welcome addition to any team!

Nancy Levin, bestselling author and master coach

Since my company is based in California... I had one, main concern: would having a VA in the UK with the time difference (8 hours) be a hindrance to the business? ... The time difference has proved to be a moot point. Finding and working with Petra was
one of the top investments I made in my business.

Karilee Wirthlin, President & CEO, KL Consulting

Petra worked with me through the long, arduous, dark-and-twisty project of moving my beloved online professional community from one platform to another. Nothing I asked was too much. And our finished was beautiful.

Anastacia Brice Integrity and Foundations Coach | Founder of

i can’t thank petra enough
for her lovely, lovely work!

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