Petra Boucher

Working as your right-hand woman, your business partner, your go-to team member

I’m petra boucher

My passion is to help my clients grow and build their businesses. Whether I work on one specific part of your business or help you grow the whole, I give that all my experience, dedication, effort, and support. If you try to control, limit, or  ignore my support, you won’t get the best of what I have to offer and I am likely to get frustrated. I am still growing, and I look forward to growing in the work that I do with you. Let’s use my talent and ongoing growth, in turn, to benefit your business.

I am smart, strategically minded and know how to put the two together. If you give me the scope to support you, then we can do great things together. Just because I have not done, does not mean I cannot do.

This page sparked a fun debate about digestives with my colleagues. If you don’t know what they are, click on the comment to find out 🙂


Years As A VA

Years Administration

Digestives a week

Cups of Tea

“ I love to work with people who are movers and shakers and who challenge me to learn, look at something in a different way and / or keep me on my toes.”

My Skills

My motto for many years has been “Your success is my success”. But in a modern-day translation, this means “I’ve got your back and you got mine”.


Because when being a professional, doing the supportive work that I love as a virtual assistant, it truly is a win-win to work with a client who recognises that my only goal is to do my job well. Naturally, this benefits my client’s business as well as my own.

We get this done by understanding what the business needs: Is it project management, or customer service?  Together, we decide which works best.

  • Project Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Customer Service
  • Everyday Business Support
Do you think we can rock the world together? Yay, Yay, Yay, let’s get started.

5 questions and 3 minutes.
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